Blossom Premium Gift Box


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Nowadays, modern life carries hurry and hasty movements with it. This is the time for us to go back to ancient values to keep our mind bright and clear. Landscapes of villages in Vietnam appear as beautiful and colorful pictureque on each wooden peaceful ancient town-decorated gift box.

Box is made of industrial wood, processed to meet the export standards that are safe for food packaging and that can be preserved for a long time without damage. No matter how rough and simple the wood is, we manually make wooden boxes, which are as simple as it is, become colorful and vivid with the inspiration of the breath of Vietnam village culture.

With the creativity and heart, lucky cherry blossom picture appears to bring you the freshness and full vitality during Tet Holidays and the Spring. This is the one that carries a big cultural value left in each of the gift box by Nam Xanh JSC. We give you no chance to find the complete similarity of the peaceful ancient town pictures because each gift box features an exclusive art with our creativity and dedication. Those exclusive values are always appreciated.

On the other hand, we always wish to bring everyone products of our father land, which go through careful selection of materials, minor care of each production step and care of commercial products to ensure that the products have the best quality for customers to use. You will be able to enjoy different tastes of 02 types of dehydrated fruits and 02 brand new types of nutritious nuts.

We would like to thank you for your preservation of fine cultural values in this modern life together with us.

Exclusive Product of NAM XANH JSC

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