Dried Wampee 100g



WAMPEE (Clausena lansium) (Quất hồng bì)

  • Color: wet black grown
  • Ingredients: seed free wampees, sugar
  • Flavor: lightly sweet with special flavor after use
  • Especially: wampees are useful in treating sunstrike, flu, fever, as expectorant, to reduce cough. As be sour, non-poisonous and lightly warm, they help relieve cough, loosen mucus, stimulate digestion and stop vomit. They can be used for botanical remedy.
  • Preservation: keep in dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Sugared dry wampees are rather sour and tart. With a bite, we can feel light roughness, gentle taste from its skin and warm flavor coming over our body. In addition, wampees are also used in traditional remedies to relieve cough, loosen mucus and stimulate digestion

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wampee

Wampees have other names such as “hoang bi”, “quat bi” in Vietnamese. Wampee trees can grow at height of 3-5m in wild or planted. Wampee fruits (after vertically cut and dried, they are called “quat bi” or “hong bi”), seeds from ripe fruits, leaves, shells and roots are dried. People usually use the whole wampee trees to prepare traditional medicine. According to Oriental medicine,

According to Oriental medicine, wampee leaves are hot, bitter, but not poisonous and helpful in relief of sun sickness, flu, fever, loosening mucus and reducing cough. Wampee fruits are sour, not poisonous, lightly warm and helpful in reducing cough, loosening mucus, stimulating digestion and stop vomiting

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