Dehydrated suka apricot 140g



Dried Apricot Suka 140g

  • Pack: 30g
  • Ingredients: apricot 90%, sugar 5%
  • Using: ready to eat
  • MFG: See on the Packaging
  • EXP: See on the Packaging
  • DOC: 2237/2015/YTHCM-XNCB
  • The price is inclusive of 10% VAT.

Like everything in life, it is all about expectations. If you eat a dried apricot expecting demure sweetness of sugar or dry texture, you will be surprised by these semi-dehydrated apricots.

Coming through a special dehydrating process, these unpitted dehydrated apricots come to you in their almost original forms, ensuring minimum water loss and retaining maximum vitamin source.

Handpicked by workers one by one at first and individually packed at lastthese healthy treats can be taken anywhere with ease and delight.

Exclusive Product of NAM XANH JSC

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