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         Orientating towards the trend to simple and natural products, Nam Xanh’s products for gift  2017 focus on the message “Sharing is caring”. We could not have had all ideas and messages today without great contributions by our customers and business partners.

     Continue to use Brocade fabric of the Thai ethnic - Moc Chau province as the main focus in designing Tet gift box, new features of this year are combining gift box with bamboo. Bamboo, idyllic and rustic but strong with vitality, balancing with the soft yet brilliant color of the brocade fabric. These natural materials give soul to Nam Xanh’s brocade gift box this year.

     The color in the brocade fabric represent the weaver soul used to create brilliant embroidery pattern. The dominant color is the green of tree and leaf; red, pink, and white colors of the flower. The yellow color of sunshine, the brown color of earth. All the colors are dyed by hand from natural color. Traditional brocade uses thread woven from cotton, flax fibers tan thorns. The pattern also uses thread dyed with color available in natural.


     To create a completed fabric took a lot of elaborate work. Weaver only begins to weave after finishing the dyeing stage. A fabric about a size of 60 x 150cm takes more than a consecutive day of work to finished. For that reason, not every pattern is the same.

     In the spirit of sharing, Nam Xanh this year also focuses on harmony and balance of the product in each gift box. We always want our customers to constantly amazed, constantly interested in exploring the variety in each and every gift box that they received.

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